Board of Directors

Mary DeLay, President

Mary is the sister of Stephen Downs, a client at Greenwood Home.  Mary is a graduate of the University of Washington and is an Educator, expert Nutritional hobbiest, and supportive sister.   Mary enjoys raising her chickens and traveling all over the world with her grand-children.

Beda Herbison, LICSW, Secretary and Immediate Past President.

Beda has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles and a Master in Social Work from the University of Washington.   Beda’s career as a medical social worker was primarily at the Veteran’s Administration, but she did multiple assessments in group homes that provided care for DD clients in her role.  Beda joined the board in about 1999 as the sister, guardian and advocate of Miss Florence Sharp, a former resident of the Greenwood Home.

“I treasure the Greenwood Home because of the lively activities they do with the residents, the respect that is always given to the residents and the love and caring that exudes from everyone affiliated with the home.  My goal for Greenwood Home is that it continues the legacy for which it was established in the beginning.  It’s all about the residents: their lives, goals, loves, fears, aspirations, growth and when it comes to each of us, death.”

Beda has been a resident of Washington State since 1946.  She lives in North Seattle, is married, and has two sons and three grandchildren.


Christie Oliver, MPT

Christie is one of the newer members of the Board of Directors, joining in 2017.  She is a native of the Seattle area, married, and has three children, one of whom is our newest client at Greenwood Home.  Christie has been actively involved at the Greenwood Home, such as fundraising and organizing a garden work party and an adaptive biking event for the Greenwood residents.

Christie is a licensed physical therapist and certified Stott Pilates instructor. She studied biology and music at University of Puget Sound and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington. She has practiced at Providence Medical Center, Swedish Health Systems, and Pacific Rehabilitation Centers in Seattle.

One of Christie’s passions is advocacy for inclusiveness for people with disabilities in the community, including their volunteer and work opportunities, and participation in recreation and sports. She has instructed adaptive skiing and has been involved for many years with fund raising for OudoorsForAll and Young Life Capernaum Seattle, as well as serving as the fund raiser and project manager for the all-inclusive playground at Lake Forest Park School.


George Cleary, RN

George is a professional nurse in the DD Community.  She has a history at Fircrest Habilitation Center as well as private homes.  She does consulting work and has served on our board of Directors for several years.



David Yocom, MBA

Dave serves as a board member for two community DD Group Homes.   He is retired and enjoys golfing and traveling.  Dave’s sister-in-law is a client at the Greenwood Home.



Kathy Jermann

Kathy has served on the board for many years.  She is the sister of former client Florence Sharp and Beda Herbison.  Kathy is a Seattle Native and enjoys reading and helping out in the Memorial Garden.



Oley Oliver

Oley is the newest member of our board of Directors.  He is the father of our newest client, Ms. Lauren Oliver, and works at Boeing in procurement.   Oley and his wife Christie have been great fund raisers and have volunteered not only on the board but also on the property grounds.